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Due to the current economic climate and limited training budgets nationwide, the Emerging Leaders in Public program will be suspended.

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Wednesday 20th of November 2019 PM

Administering the adaptation of cosmetic surgery techniques

As part of an overall view of whether or not it is worthwhile developing the adminsitration of medical systems to deal with the demand for cosmetic surgery, brought up some specific considerations. At first blush it may be perceived as an indulgence only the rich can afford and therefore not worthy of taking up our resources.

But there are some exceptions. In countries that are at war, or suffering internal conflict, and where there is a high degree of facial injuries, precise types of cosmetic surgery can be life changing, if not life-saving.

Another example is where extreme religious actions such as acid throwing, can permanently disfigure a persons face. In such cases we deemed it necessary to consider setting up training in the administration of cosmetic procedures. We felt the implementation of such schemes is morally appropriate in such cases. From this perspective, it is not immoral or a waste of resources , charitable or otherwise, to consider using cosmetic surgery to alleviate suffering. Several of the techniques use by cosmetic practitioners in the west can be easily moved to 3rd world countries and countries at war.

So the processes for example, such as laser skin resurfacing and practical use of co2 laser treatment, and a 3rd report here, ear lobe repairs, vaser liposuction and fat grafting can be modified to make a big difference to the quality of life in these countries. Accordingly administration systems need setting up to ensure only the most appropriate types of treatment are chosen. And we are in the process of seriously considering administration systems that could be applied to therapies and practices.



The ELPH Program provided personalized leadership training that taught me how to be an authentic leader. It challenged me everyday to continue to sharpen and redefine my skill set, and to take a strategic approach in building my network. Overall, the ELPH program was excellent with dynamic and inspirational speakers that really made learning exciting.

Corey Palmer, BS, MS, MPH (2008)
Public Health Analyst, United States Public Health Service, Rockville, MD