Managing in Turbulent Times: Emerging Leaders in Public Health

Faculty and Staff

Chantelle Fisher-BorneChantelle Fisher-Borne

Community Coaching

Chantelle Fisher-Borne's formal education includes a master's degree in public health from UNC-Chapel Hill in health behavior and health education. Currently, her professional life includes working as a public health researcher, consultant and organizer.

Chantelle's work in public health addresses health disparities by developing, implementing, and evaluating community-driven health interventions. As a consultant with OpenSource Leadership Strategies, Inc., Chantelle works with social justice organizations -- primarily nonprofit organizations -- doing a range of organizational development work, including strategic planning and coaching. A major part of Chantelle's consulting and research career has included addressing the dynamics of power, privilege and oppression. As a researcher, facilitator and community member, she strives to build collaborations across lines of difference.