Managing in Turbulent Times: Emerging Leaders in Public Health
Training minority health professionals to lead and manage


Due to the current economic climate and limited training budgets nationwide, the Emerging Leaders in Public program will be suspended.

Updates about the future of the ELPH program will be posted to this website.


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Who we are

Our group leaders of the future have scores of new high profile people in their chosen field of medicine. It represents a wide spectrum of age, race and background. All have entered the field in order to develop and give the most they can to this profession of ours. Clicking though in the alumni section will give a flavour of their different backgrounds whether that be training in general hospital management or cosmetic surgery skills and the experience and training they bring . The A-Z shows a whole range of geographical locations and is ordered by people's names so you can look up any particular person easily. We have organised listings by name as well as by state or territory. Top right of alumni screen allows a choice for your search





Corey Palmer, BS, MS, MPH (2008)
Public Health Analyst, United States Public Health Service, Rockville, MD